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Brazil Nossa Senhora de Fatima ORGANIC

Brazil Nossa Senhora de Fatima ORGANIC

Country: BRAZIL City: Perdizes/Patrocinio Region: Cerrado region, Minas Gerais Altitude: 950 metres above sea level Variety: Acaia, Catucai, Mundo Novo, Bourbon, Icatu Processing: Pulped natural Owner: Ricardo de Aguiar Resende More details...



Product Details

Mild grape acidity with sugary sweetness and notes of milk chocolate, caramel and roasted nuts. Medium body.

Fazenda Nossa Senhora de Fatima produces organic coffees of the highest quality, as attested by the accolades it has received in both national and international competitions. Loyal customers within the European Community, Japan and the United States, offer further proof of the quality Arabica beans produced by Fazenda Nossa Senhora de Fatima. The farm is known internationally as a leading reference in the production of organic specialty coffees.

The farm is located in the 'Triangulo Mineiro' in the Cerrado region of Minas Gerais and sits at an elevation of 950 metres above sea level. Average annual rainfall is a steady 1,500mm.

The system of production is free of chemicals and agro toxins, and is done in an ecologically correct manner, which includes the rationing of energy usage. Environmental preservation is a top priority at Fazenda Nossa Senhora de Fatima. The farm is dedicated to replanting native tress and caring for the indigenous fauna and flora, as well as protecting the native species. Livestock is also reared at the farm and includes chickens, cows and pigs. The whole farm covers an area of 395 hectares of which 235 hectares are put over to coffee. All production is 100% organic.

Being socially responsible is also extremely important. Valuing the lives of employees, respecting their work, guaranteeing their rights, and helping them to care for their families are all part of the process.

Fazenda Nossa Senhora de Fatima utilizes state-of-the-art methods in the planting, cultivation, harvest, processing, and storage of coffee.

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