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Ethiopia Yirgacheffe Cabey

Ethiopia Yirgacheffe Cabey

Country: ETHIOPIA Region: Yirgacheffe district Variety: Deiga Wollisho Processing: Fully Washed Owner: Cooperative Exporter: Cabey More details...



Product Details
Very elegant with crisp citrus acidity, honey sweetness and notes of lemon and bergamot. Balanced and refined.

Recent developments in Ethiopia have seen a centralisation of all coffee exports through the recently established Ethiopia Commodity Exchange (ECX). This has made it virtually impossible to provide accurate information of the precise traceability of coffees as lots are processed anonymously anonymised on arrival at the ECX.

All of the Ethiopian coffees we purchase are selected on the basis of their exceptional cup profile first and foremost. This remains our guiding principle in Ethiopia and in all origins where we source coffees.

Many thousands of bags marked 'Yirgacheffe' are sold every year but there may be significant differences in cup quality. We assess many samples of Yirgacheffe before making any purchases. We are looking for a coffee that possesses an intense floral aroma, which is also noticeable in the cup as well as a delicate acidity and notes of bergamot and lemon.

We are monitoring the situation in Ethiopia with regard to traceability. But, regardless of developments, we will continue to cup our way through many samples and offer only the most exemplary coffee we find.

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